What is Chefs for life?

CHEFS FOR LIFE is an event that wants to become a trend: a movement involving all the positive energy focused on “the concept of food” and turning it into solidarity.

Today food and cooking can not be reduced to the simple act of “food preparation”: the verb cook has become something more complex, something that blends creativity and love for a craft which is nowadays more like a show.

Cooking, after all, has always been a labor of love: so our grandmothers conceived it and so want to be CHEFS FOR LIFE. An act of love that involves as many people as possible in every charitable initiatives.

The main target groups are health care workers, medical and hospital facilities, projects against food waste and hunger in the world, according to some of the SDG by UN for 2030, in particular eradicating hunger and achieving the highest possible level of health and wellness.

Watch us in action!

CHEFS FOR LIFE has become known to the public in a big way, with a charity dinner held Friday, March 1 2019 at the restaurant Carlo Magno: a dinner which was attended by 150 guest, dishes prepared by 80 Chef of the most influential national and international culinary scene. Delegations were present from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The next event

Dinner with the stars

A new appointment with solidarity organized by Chefs for Life with Vedrai: starred chefs and entrepreneurs meet to give you a unique experience!

From an idea of


CEO of Promotica, once he grew up he made his passion a business: today, in fact, Promotica, specialized in promotional projects and loyalty programs, is one of the leading agencies of the loyalty market in Italy. After graduating in Economics and after three working experiences as an employee in the commercial sector, including one abroad, in 2003 Diego Toscani decided to found his company which today, after more than 15 years of activity, employs over 30 people and has a turnover of 40 million euros.


Of Serbian origin, Italian by adoption, “TOP PLAYER” of the kitchen world. Her studies range from the Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts of Florence to the degree as Food Technician and in Gastronomy. She boasts numerous participations in gastronomic solidarity initiatives in the catering sector. Team Coach of the Junior Italian National Culinary Team from 2009 to 2013, with which in 2011 won a gold medal in the hot kitchen, a gold medal in the cold kitchen and the absolute first prize in the European championship as the best team.

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